How we started

Tahola was established in 2000 by Jason Martin, Mick Deol, Simon Blackbourne and Geoff McClure. The brainchild of four individuals passionate about hospitality, Tahola was built on a wealth of expertise in finance, IT and database technology,  with the sole aim to meet an increasing demand for concise, efficient and understandable business information.

To this day, our clients buy from us because we understand the market in which they operate and can offer practical solutions to help them increase their profits and support their business growth. Our successful background in hospitality means we can apply our experience in other industry sectors including food service, retail, automotive and wholesale / distribution. Our experience, flexibility and dedication puts us ahead of the competition when it comes to data mixology. Above all, our focus is on delivering high quality solutions, on time and on budget – every time.

What drives us?

With a team of over 18 people, most of whom are involved in implementation and support, we are able to offer full performance management solutions that includes budgeting, forecasting and planning, as well as business analytics. From EPOS and workforce data, to stock levels, loyalty, marketing and social media analytics, we take the information that’s relevant to you to give you greater insight into your business.

Working with recognised world leaders in business analytics software development, we deliver bespoke solutions. A success story for us is one where you regain control of your data and make informed, yet efficient, decisions to guarantee real return for any business.

We have a proven track record delivering:

  • Actionable data analysis
  • Measurable results
  • Business growth through performance
  • Undertanding your business needs

Need some help choosing the right solution for your business?