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As a Tahola customer, you have chosen us to help you along your data journey. Together we have utilised technology to provide you with BI that has revolutionised the way you run your business and look at data. Data is always evolving and now we are helping you take the next steps to modernise your data. 

Extending BI to satisfy new use cases and encompass all data is critical to your future. SaaS offerings have become the go-to deployment option for agility, efficiency and cost savings. Users have a business-value mindset and self-service expectations. More unstructured data needs to be analysed. Augmented Intelligence greatly enhanced both insight discovery and data literacy. Today’s highly competitive markets demand a new approach. It’s time to modernise your BI. 

As a QlikView user, our partners at Qlik are taking the risk out of evolving your BI platform with their new Analytics Modernisation Program (AMP). This program gives you the power to leverage your existing QlikView investment to accelerate adoption of next-generation BI, while allowing you to continue using QlikView, thus preventing disruption to current business processes.  Through the Analytics Modernisation Program, you can drive new analytics use cases by adopting Qlik Sense at your own pace and at the same time progressively modernise your infrastructure to reduce the total cost of ownership of Qlik solutions.

How Does the Analytics Modernisation Program Work?

This programme entitles you to retain your existing QlikView licensing and applications while adopting Qlik Sense. You can choose if you want this to be a Qlik on premise server or Qlik SaaS. As a result, your QlikView licenses will be transferred from perpetual licenses to subscription licenses for a 3-year term. You will be gifted new Qlik Sense licenses based on your existing QlikView license mix. Your maintenance fee will become your annual subscription fee. If your current maintenance fee is less than £20,000 there will be no increase, however, if your maintenance fee is more than £20,000 there will be a 30% uplift.

We will help support your Qlik Sense journey with our AMP support bundle. This bundle includes Qlik Sense software installation, configuration, Qlik Sense user training and migration QlikView application into Qlik Sense, with the development of a governed library and a new dashboard for £3950.

Why Adopt Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense offers a number of features that are not available in QlikView including:​

  • Cognitive Engine with Machine Learning – A new AI (augmented intelligence) engine in Qlik Sense that supports insight suggestions and automation across the product.​
  • Insight Advisor – Insight suggestion capabilities provided by the Qlik Cognitive Engine.  Auto generates and prioritises visual insights (charts and visualisations) based on the overall data set and a user’s search criteria.  Suggests the most significant hidden insights (excluded values “in the grey”) for users to explore further, based on current selections.​
  • Accelerated Self-Service – New AI powered capabilities to automate and accelerate both data preparation and authoring of visualisations, leveraging association recommendations and chart suggestions from the new Qlik Cognitive engine, and including a variety of self-service data preparation features.​
  • Advanced Authoring – Capabilities that allow users to build more sophisticated application functionality in Qlik Sense dashboards, including scrollable sheets, a resizable layout grid, themes and colouring, self-service publishing, and a new supported bundle of dashboard authoring extensions.​
  • New Visualisations and Improvements – A wide variety of chart types including Line and Bar Charts, Bubble Charts, Heat Maps, Pivot Tables, Funnel Chart, Sankey Chart, Radar Chart, and many more, plus map object using GeoAnalytics.
  • Qlik Sense Mobile – Qlik Sense mobile apps for iOS and Android, with the iOS app supporting the Qlik engine running locally on the device, allowing fully interactive exploration both online and offline. 

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