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Gaining access to important data held in line of business solutions is of paramount importance and a common mistake made by organisations, is that they often oversimplify the complexity of what’s actually involved to gain access to the right data.

This coupled with the disruptive effect that technology is having on business models and customer engagement, means that connecting systems becomes increasingly, more important. Customers are now booking online or through apps. Payments are done through the tap of a smartphone. It can be a challenge to assess what technology to invest in. What are the choices? From payment systems, online booking systems, CRM to digital marketing, what is crucial and what’s not? 

Tahola are Data Integration experts and we have the knowledge and expertise to help you understand what data really matters to you and your business. We simplify the integration process to ensure that you are getting maximum benefit from the data that really matters, regardless of where that data resides. Consolidating your information through effective data integration via a single point of access provides the flexibility to achieve significant time savings across the business.

Intelligent Integration
Intelligent Integration

But Data Integration can be complex, so we have simplified the process for you

  • By creating an evolving integration library, making us unique in the market because we are agnostic and not tied to a single supplier or solution.
  • Developing an integration library of Pre-built interfaces, that link to numerous line of business systems and third party data sources
  • TaholaServices provides you with a unique integration and partnership approach, meaning that we are ready to assist as much or as little as your needs dictate

The benefits that can be achieved through integrating a Business Analytics solution to multiple data sources in today’s business environment is crucial to make informed, intelligent business decisions; here are some major advantages.

  • Improving the decision-making process: Accessing data from multiple sources in real-time, when presented in an interactive and intuitive way, provides a transparent way of reporting and ensures, that any potential issues can be identified before they occur.
  • Increasing productivity: Hoping between different systems and collecting data from different departments within an organisation is a demanding and time consuming task, that causes productivity reduction and, subsequently, an increment of costs. With the employment of data integration, a single view will provide indispensable value into the productivity process of business operations and strategic development.
  • Streamlining operations: As more data is being collected, improving processes in different departments and industries, from operations, procurement, logistics, sales, marketing, finance, or IT, becomes more important than ever before. Real-time access to multiple data sources will decrease costs and provide invaluable insights.
  • Improving customer experience: The customer is the building block, that drives revenue for most commercial organisations and so obtaining a complete overview for analysis is crucial. The historical data that can be used to target your customers with the right message at the right time will help increase loyalty, the overall customer experience and, ultimately, revenue.
  • Predicting the future: Anticipating customer demands based on historical data gathered with seamless data from multiple sources will enable you to generate forecasts and predict customer behaviour.

In today’s business world, agility is key and being able to react on time to any change happening is a necessity. With a Business Analytics solution from Tahola, Agility will be your new best friend and you will have all the power you need to adapt quickly to your changing business needs. Meaning, you can really focus on the data that matters to you. Enabling you to dive into your data, perform cross-database analyses and glean the right insights to answer the business questions that matter to you, to help your business grow and thrive.

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If you are ready to start your analytics journey or would simply like to find out more about the wide variety of solutions and services Tahola offer, then contact us today to arrange a call or to book a demonstration. We can help you to understand more about which of your data really matters to you and what you should be doing to act upon it….lets start planning your analytics journey together…today….

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