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My new job as a Marketing Executive at Tahola started in the middle of August, during the middle of a pandemic. A very strange yet increasingly common circumstance in 2020 during the global and economic crisis. While my first day began in our bright purple offices in Hemel Hempstead, my co-workers greeted me from their homes over Microsoft Teams. While most of Tahola worked from home, this left Simon Blackbourne, the Commercial Director and I to get to work on teaching me about everything Tahola. The objective of my first month was to learn:

  1. About Tahola 
  2. About our Customers 

Tahola, our Products and Partners

The key to understanding Tahola was learning about our team and learning about our partners which involved hours of software training and phone calls. At Tahola we are an agnostic service provider, meaning we can provide a range of different products to our customers giving them a real solution rather than only selling product. We are partnered with IBM, Qlik and Microsoft selling their ranges of Business Intelligence and Planning tools such as IBM Cognos Analytics and Qlik Sense. We sell these products as a part of our two offerings, Tahola Bespoke and TaholaCloud. 

Tahola Bespoke is our custom solution that is built to meet the specific data needs of a customer at any stage of their data journey and could include the creation of a data lake, data  warehouse, cloud integration, data governance, data visualisation, dashboarding and more. TaholaCloud for Hospitality is our prebuilt subscription solution built specifically for Hospitality customers and can be integrated with a wide range of sources such as Zonal, Comtrex, NCR Aloha, DataSym, Access StockLink, Fourth People, Harri Teamlive, S4Labour, FeedItBack and many moreOne of the great strengths we have and which our solutions bring to our customers is the ability to integrate data from multiple different systems making it easy and simple to interrogate data irrespective of where it originally came from.

From data warehousing to dashboarding and analytics, I was surprised at how quickly I was able to understand and use these tools. My team were great at helping me learn how to use and demo these tools with training programmes, weekly demos and mini-assessments to check my progress. They always made sure to invite me to meetings with our customers so I could understand the different use cases of our software. From creating stock trackers to CRM systems to financial planning systems, it was so interesting to see how our software was applied so differently across different industries and different partners.


It was really important for me to build my own personal relationship with our customers so Simon helped arrange a series of introductory phone calls. In these calls, I wanted to understand the value that Tahola really brings to our customers and how I could communicate that to prospective customers. In meetings with some of our customers, I was able to really understand the role that Tahola plays within these organisations, and it was clear that we are more than just another supplier, we are a strategic partner. 

For a majority of our customers, the key advantages of working with Tahola is our experience, industry knowledge and commitment to their business. A majority of our customers have been with us for years and years and with over 20 years of data experience, we are able to suggest new ideas and ways of working that we have seen being successful within other organisations. Our customers really valued that we had a lot of industry-specific knowledge, meaning we can go further than just building a dashboard and actually help the team to interpret the data and apply the findings.

Customers communicated that the projects we had collaborated on had transformed their business, helping them to become more agile and use data to guide their growth. One customer told me how through using their Qlik Sense system during lockdown they were able to save £300,000 in stock that they would otherwise have wasted by identifying this perishable stock and offering it to relevant customers buyers to sell it before it perished. We continue to evolve alongside our customers to provide them with better solutions that help them to reach the next stages. Most of all, our customers valued our commitment, at Tahola our approach is to form a real partnership with our customers and their responses reflected this. One customer said that we were “the easiest supplier” they work with, while another raved about our weekend support while comparing their other supplier’s customer support team as the “un-helpful desk”. All of our customers have go-to members of staff that they treasure and the conversations and stories I heard were truly heart-warming.

If I had to sum up this last month at Tahola, it felt like going from the frying pan and into the fire in the best way possible. I was able to learn about the company and industry I work in and form great relationships with my customers and co-workers. All of these insights will be key to supporting my future marketing campaigns and I can’t wait to share more about my journey at Tahola. 


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Sales and Enquiries

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