The Peach Pub Company was founded in 2002 by Hamish Stoddard and Lee Cash when they opened The Rose & Crown in Warwick, believing every town deserved a great pub. They believe that well-kept beer, a quality steak cooked by a proper chef and a glass of decent wine is a recipe for happiness, especially when served with a kind word and a sense of fun.

Since then they have added pubs ancient and modern, neighbourhood locals and country destinations, simple bedrooms and a chic boutique hotel, cocktails, grand gins and ever-improving coffee. Today they have twenty pubs in lovely towns and villages – and an undimmed devotion to making life ‘Peachy’.

The Challenge

Peach needed to bring together multiple data sources into a single, central repository for speed and ease of reporting and analysis. They then wanted to use this repository as a “one stop shop” for General Managers to access the information they need to manage and improve the performance of their businesses.

The Solution

Peach chose Tahola to help them develop the solution because of their experience and expertise in the hospitality sector. Tahola recommended the QlikView BI solution and delivered a successful Proof of Concept (POC) in just a couple of days. The POC formed the basis of the final solution which draws data into QlikView from many systems — including Navision financials, IBS StockLink Epos and loyalty,  Fourth rota management, and online booking and reservations. 

Their General Managers have access to a one-page dashboard which enables them to see the KPIs that are relevant to them, such as sales performance, costs, service levels, staff turnover, together with a drill-down capability for more detailed information.

According to Andrew Percy, Financial Director, “It means our managers can see at a glance—and in a visual and graphical way—how their pub is performing without having to go through reams of data on a spreadsheet.”

“The timeliness of the information we can provide to the business is a core benefit of our business  intelligence solution” says Andrew. “As an example, in the past it would have taken our finance team 8-10 man hours on a Monday to create manual spreadsheets to report on the previous week’s performance. This information would then be sent out to managers late on a Monday afternoon. Now,  this  information is automatically produced and sent out before midday so our managers are in a position (before they go on service at the beginning of the week) to know how they performed in the previous week and to have a clear view of where they need to focus their efforts in the coming week. It also means my team can focus their attention on analysing information and adding value rather than just data churning. We are therefore all able to make far more informed decisions, faster, which can make a real impact on the performance of the business.”

In addition to the weekly labour-saving outlined above, Peach sees additional savings in the production of other weekly, monthly and ad-hoc reports. “We can be  far  more  responsive to the business — people now don’t have to schedule my team to service their information needs as they can be largely self-sufficient.”

The Result

  • Improved timeliness of information, helps enable early business improvement
  • Labour savings on manual data capture and reporting
  • More time to spend on analysis and value add
  • At a glance insight into weekly performance.


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