TopGolf offer premier golf entertainment complexes. Their innovative point-scoring golf games, combined with dining and bar facilities, make for a unique entertainment experience. Established in 1999, the company has continued to grow and now has 7 sites across the UK and USA. They were named one of the Daily Telegraph’s top “Brightest Businesses” in 2011.

The Challenge

To produce a system that would give TopGolf the flexibility to tap into their extensive membership database, allowing them to produce more intelligent, effectively tailored marketing campaigns.

The Solution

Every visitor to TopGolf becomes a member, so TopGolf’s bespoke membership system, ID Ball System, contains detailed records of more than 1 million members. As well as holding demographic and contact information, it also records every detail of every game played by every member. However, the reporting capability of ID Ball System was so inflexible that it was difficult to extract even the most basic information.

Tahola used QlikView to model this wealth of data, knit it all together and provide TopGolf with a holistic view of each member. The first marketing campaign using this data was to identify lapsed members and encourage them to return.

The QlikView system is now set up to run automated campaigns, for example birthday offers for members. Predefined profiling criteria are used to extract member data which is tagged with a campaign code and exported to the automated email marketing software, Silverpop.

Additionally, with just a few clicks, ad-hoc and highly targeted lists can be exported to Silverpop, allowing TopGolf managers to quickly and effectively run bespoke campaigns, for example, to encourage members to play on a particular day.

The Result

All campaign data is then available within QlikView for analysis, enabling TopGolf to further refine and target their marketing effort, as well as seeing the performance of each campaign.

The solution has been rolled out to all General Managers and marketing staff . Staff members are also now incentivised to ensure that all member details are captured at the time of joining.

Ross White, Director of BI at TopGolf, says “The QlikView solution from Tahola allows us to analyse our member’s behaviour like never before, and all at lightning speed. Tahola have been great to work with. The support team are always on hand to help, often in their own time, and the development team listened to our needs and delivered to our specification.”

  • Highly targeted marketing campaigns produced automatically or with just a few clicks
  • Increased value from marketing spend
  • Fast and effective analysis of existing members and their buying behaviour leading to:
  • Increased spend per member
  • Improved member loyalty / reactivation of previous members
  • Identification of potential new members
  • Accurate customer profiling which is being used by TopGolf senior management to inform decisions about locations for new venues as they invest in further growth.


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