Problem Solving with Data Analytics

From data, to insight, to action

Since 2000, we have helped our customers to solve complex problems with their data. It’s what we live for. Our vision has always been to make your world a better place by enabling the most effective data driven decisions possible.

Treating your data as an asset

For the last 30 years, data has become an increasingly important asset to every business large or small. We’ve seen an explosion in the number of systems companies use and the volume of data available to them. It’s our job to bring that data to life.

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Informing your decision making

Some things never change. When we started Tahola, we talked about a single version of the truth, one data set that describes your business and ensures that everyone gets the right answer to every question they ask. This is still true today. Our vision is to make your world a better place by enabling the most effective data driven decisions possible. We do this by uncovering meaningful insight to improve efficiency, increase profit and provide a single version of the truth.

Guiding your data journey

However, some things do change. Back in 2000 the internet was in its infancy, and now we can’t operate without it. We’ve seen advances in 64 bit computing, cloud technologies, machine learning and AI. We see it as our responsibility to help and advise our customers on the right technologies for them to support their future growth.

When we formed Tahola in 2000, we had a vision. Few companies used BI technology, and few understood its capability. Our objective was to work with our customers, to help them see the potential of their data and how they could exploit it. This remains our ethos today. Working with world class technology from IBM, Microsoft, Snowflake, Jedox and Qlik, we deliver all of our solutions with our own inhouse team and provide support from our UK based call centre.

Simon Blackbourne
Simon Blackbourne
Chief Customer Officer

We have been working with Simon and his team on a number of complex data projects for many years.

Mike Jones
Director of Technology & IOT

We have worked with Tahola for over 8 years, benefitting from their solution design capability and effective support services.

Mark Andrew
Head of IT

They’ve provided an excellent environment with great support to our data analysts and have been flexible to our ever-dynamic needs.

David Stanbridge
IT Solutions Architect (Systems) – Kier Group

Tahola has been a great data partner for our company. They have listened and customised their approach to tackle our data challenges.

David Nichols
Group IT Manager

Tahola aren’t just a supplier, they feel like members of our team. Taking a partnership approach, they ensure the best possible solution is delivered.

Emma Wilkin
Head of Data Technology – Bourne Leisure Group

Tahola have been our BI and data warehouse partner since 2005 and over that time we’ve built a really strong relationship with them. 

David Radburn
IT Director – Caffè Nero Group

We are proud

  • We are proud to work with companies across many different industry sectors
  • We are proud to have developed close working relationships with our customers
  • We are proud that our customers have stayed loyal to us over many years
  • We are proud to have provided some great solutions to our customers and solved problems they didn’t think would’ve been possible
  • …and we are proud to have a great team of technical experts to deliver those solutions to our customers.