Data Analytics In Manufacturing Industry

Efficient solutions for a well-oiled machine

The challenges you face as a manufacturer are complex. From the advent of IoT to the realities of Brexit, competing in a world of globalisation and continuous product innovation, demands that you adapt quickly and creatively to a changing world.

You need agile supply chains, delivering a consistent supply of finished products so you can respond intuitively to the shifting demands of the market. Whether it’s the availability of your inventory or the efficiency of your equipment, data is mission critical to every part of your business.

Manufacturers everywhere are starting to use data analysis to reinvent how they run everything. From your factories and warehouses to your supply chains and distribution, the ability to exploit data and analytics allows you to continually lower costs and optimise operations across every functional area of your business.

Our data expertise, together with our long lasting relationships with large manufacturing clients, give us the tools to create the perfect solution for you, helping you build your business with the future in mind.

Integrations with

Microsoft Dynamics AX
Microsoft Dynamics Nav

We provide solutions for

  • Sales, customer and product analysis
  • Raw materials and finished product analysis
  • Marketing and CRM analysis with single customer view
  • Staff and labour performance
  • Suppliers and supply chain analysis
  • Machinery efficiency
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Bill of materials analysis

Who we’ve worked with


Benefits for Manufacturing

  • Monitors your suppliers and compares costs
  • Tracks Just In Time delivery
  • Improves process efficiency through automation
  • Monitors health and safety
  • Tracks availability of raw materials
  • Enables serial number and warranty reporting
  • Monitors staff training and certifications
  • Enables supplier and dealer collaboration and improves traceability
  • Improves quality control
  • Helps you develop innovative products that appeal to customers
  • Delivers reports on works in progress
  • Predicts raw material stock, stock on order and finished goods
  • Helps you stay compliant with regulations and best practices for quality and safety