Hospitality Data Analytics

Serving up hospitality data insights from your customer interactions.

In the dynamic hospitality sector, success goes beyond providing luxury and great service. It necessitates understanding customer behaviour, resource management, and strategic choices. Data analytics is now vital in hospitality, providing valuable insights from multiple sources for informed decisions and improved performance. Tahola's solutions empower hospitality businesses to transform their operations through innovative data analytics applications.

Unlocking the Potential of Data Analytics in the Hospitality Sector

24 years strong, our work with hospitality operators has taught us that many of you are crying out for better quality management information. Most operators have implanted a maze of different systems to address their business processes. Epos systems, stock management, labour planning, guest experience, table booking and accommodation — the list goes on.

Combining this data is time consuming, fraught with problems and offers a lack of reporting agility. In addition, operators have to contend with the problems of increasing rent and labour costs, recruitment challenges, food inflation and covering the cost of the COVID-19 pandemic. You need fast access to accurate data, easy analysis and distribution to managers across the business. The ability to gain new insights on the fly is essential to operators in maintaining their competitive edge.

Partner with Tahola to realise the importance of Data Analytics

From optimising bookings and revenue management to enhancing customer experience, customer loyalty, and customer retention, Tahola's expertise spans various critical aspects of the industry. With robust data quality control, descriptive and diagnostic analytics, and the ability to analyse historical data, Tahola ensures that businesses can fully utilise the power of data analytics.

Harnessing Big Data Analytics

By harnessing predictive analytics, Tahola’s solutions assist in forecasting trends and managing pricing effectively. This, in turn, contributes to improved productivity and streamlined business operations. Tahola's role in delivering business intelligence extends to identifying key performance indicators and supporting marketing efforts to attract new customers.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Tahola's data analytics solutions incorporate the latest technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, to deliver advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics. These capabilities enable you to make data-driven decisions with confidence, ensuring your business stays competitive.

Data Governance and Quality

Maintaining data integrity and governance is critical in the hospitality sector. Tahola offers robust data governance and quality control features to ensure your data is accurate, reliable, and compliant with industry standards, giving you peace of mind when making crucial decisions.

Tailored to Your Needs

Tahola understands that every hospitality business is unique. Our customizable analytics solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of your hotel, restaurant, or travel company, providing insights that directly impact your bottom line.

Uncover Valuable Insights

By offering in-depth insights into potential customer behaviour, Tahola equips businesses to adapt their strategies to meet evolving market trends. In essence, Tahola's diverse understanding of the various types of data analytics help companies unlock the full potential of data-driven decision-making, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and the sustained success of their hospitality ventures.

Whatever your needs, we’re here to help. Whether you need a bespoke solution, custom built to specifically deliver your unique requirements, or whether you would like an off-the-shelf cloud-based solution designed specifically for hospitality — we have the answer for you.

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Integrations with

Fourth Analytics

We provide solutions for

  • Analysing sales (transaction data & guest feedback)
  • Labour and HR analytics
  • Site performance assessment
  • Product performance evaluation
  • Enhancing guest experience & social interactions
  • Managing stock and supply chain
  • Implementing loyalty & CRM strategies
  • Managing table & accommodation bookings

Who we’ve worked with

Butcombe Brewing Co.
Haven Holidays

Benefits for Hospitality & Leisure

  • KPIs at the click of a button give you a clear view of your business (turnover, margin, labour, sales mix, average spend and more)
  • Fast access to your data helps you make decisions.
  • Lets you efficiently build any report you need
  • Compares and assesses the performance of your different sites by your key metrics
  • Brings you accurate, governed and trusted data to ensure that everyone sees the same number – a single source of truth -
  • Gives you real time access to your business-critical information
  • Reduces admin and software costs by streamlining reporting environments
  • Self-service capabilities put you in control of your data making it easy to build visualisations
  • Empowers everyone in your business to access and use data solutions
  • Reduces time spent building reports, freeing up time to spend on analysis
  • Gives you instant access to your data — anytime, anywhere