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Pre Project Services

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Data Strategy & Digital Transformation

It’s no secret — we like data. And, chances are, you already know that data has a critical role to play in building and maintaining your business. Data helps us grow, gives us a competitive advantage and allows us to better understand our customers and ourselves. But how can we learn to harness the insights in our data and use them to their full advantage?

A Data Strategy is designed with you, for your business. Our 8-step process helps you align your data management with your business strategy, introduce the best governance procedures and improve the Data Literacy of your staff. Through considering the right technologies including the adoption of the cloud and the seamless integration of your systems, we ensure the digital transformation of your business works in harmony with your Data Strategy. We help your teams do their thing with ease, giving you a sharp competitive edge.

Data Engineering & Data Warehousing

You need your data to work for you. There are many different sources of data in your business, and storing them all in the same place makes everyone’s job that little bit easier. We find the right data storage solution for you and fit it with automated pipelines to gather and organise your data. Then, we use BI and machine learning tools to work with you on modelling your data so you can get the most out of it. The result? A data lake or data warehouse (or sometimes both) that pulls structured and unstructured data, allowing you to efficiently manage and present your data. This gives your users the flexibility to work with data easily – no more complex wrangling with huge, slow spreadsheets!

Master Data Management

Good quality, accurate data — that’s what you want. And that’s what you get when you maintain a single source of truth for your master sources. When each department keeps their “master data” in their own spreadsheets, it can be challenging to build consistency and work across teams to uncover deeper, more nuanced insights. By working with you to design a solution that keeps all of those key masters in one place, we can help you maintain accuracy and efficiency across your business.

Cloud Adoption

The Cloud. Everyone’s talking about it, and everyone’s using it – or are they? It may seem to have solved everyone’s problems, but is the cloud the right solution for you?

Cloud adoption certainly has its advantages. Your strategic objectives can help you determine whether or not a cloud solution is a good fit for your business. Security, governance, cost and regulation are all important factors to consider when deciding whether to make the big switch. We’re here to advise — to help you weigh up the pros and cons, and decide what works best for you and your teams.

Infrastructure Design

Nobody knows your business better than you. That’s why we put you at the heart of our solution design process, working closely with your IT teams to design a secure and performant solution crafted to maximise your return on investment. Our architects can do it all, from bespoke on-premise architecture integration, to a hybrid cloud approach, all the way through to a fully managed elastic cloud environment within Microsoft Azure. We work together to build exactly what you need, and stay on hand to help with any problems providing business continuity through our Managed Services. Our working relationships are built to last — we’re here to make sure your solutions run smoothly for years to come.

As a Microsoft Gold partner in both data platform and analytics, we know their products inside out. Some of the software we use to architect our solutions include SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Data Lake, Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure IOT Hub, PowerBI, Power Platform and Azure Devops.

Project Delivery Services

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To help you build your perfect solution, first we need to work out what that looks like. The early stages of our development work sees our team coming together with yours to scope out your project in detail. We spend a few days setting clear, achievable goals, finalising our timescale and investment agreements and drawing up a blueprint to work from as we move forward. Once everyone’s happy with the plan, we can finalise and sign off the Statement of Work, sign a contract and get building.

Project Management

We carefully manage our projects to make sure everything runs on time and sticks to budget. How we do that is up to you. Everyone’s different, and finding a project management style that suits you is a key part of helping you get the most out of our work together. How we communicate, how often we touch base, who we include in which conversations, the best tools to use — all of these things we can tailor to your preference to ensure your development journey is clear, smooth and efficient.

Model Development

You need to be able to analyse your data. A big part of this is building a data model that suits you. When integrating and combining data from different sources, sometimes you might need a data warehouse, or we may use Qlik to extract and transform your data and prepare it for analysis. Whatever the decision, we make it together and design it to suit your needs. No matter what approach you choose, we apply your business logic to address the complexities of your data needs head on.

Dashboard Design & Content

Your dashboards and reports are your most important tools, as they help you to interpret your data. The visuals you choose are critical — what you see is what you get. We run a design workshop to discuss what’s most important to you, helping you present your data in a format fitting your functional needs and empowering your team to deepen their understanding of your business. Once this is done, we can get to work building your dashboards and reports. With ongoing access to the development process, you and your team can feed in at any time, allowing us to adapt and adjust and ensure everything we’re developing is tailored exactly to your needs.


Much like your solution, your training needs are unique to you. Luckily, we have a variety of styles in our arsenal. Whether it’s one-to-one, classroom style, online or short-session end-user training, our sessions use your own applications in place of demo data to equip your team with the tools they need to make data-driven decisions.


Critically, your data needs to be accurate. By comparing your data back to the source, our rigorous reconciliation process lets you and your users test your solution to ensure it truthfully represents the performance of your business. Investing time in reconciliation allows you to proceed with absolute confidence, secure in the knowledge that your new solution is ready to support your business for years to come.

Post Delivery Services

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Support & Customer Success

We all run into problems. Our support team can offer you the peace of mind that, if something goes wrong, you’re covered. Our service covers both BI software and applications. So, when our experienced analysts log in to your system, in addition to diagnosing and fixing your problem, we can also liaise with any other software vendors to overcome networking or communication issues. With regular weekday support provided as standard and a weekend / Bank Holiday service offered at a premium, we’re always here to get you back up and running if disaster strikes.

Data Literacy

We live in a data-driven world. Every day, we’re sharing, creating and consuming data — from devices and sensors to workflows and systems. In fact, there’s more data available today than ever before. Yet having more data doesn’t always mean better insights. Because, despite all this, very few of us can properly translate data into real business value. Data literacy is the ability to read, work with, analyse, and communicate with data. And, in today’s age, it’s as important as reading or writing.

Ensuring your staff are data-literate is vital. The data literacy programme by Qlik assesses your data competency, providing a tailored learning plan for you and your team. Our team can help you follow this plan, and find other ways of improving your data literacy, ensuring your team is fully equipped with the skills to work in a data-driven world.

Managed Services

It’s done. You’re live with a new solution, it’s working well and your business is reaping the benefits. Inevitably, though, the day will come when you want to make a few tweaks. Your optics shift, your needs change — you grow. So, how can you make sure your solution grows with you?

Whether it’s integrating further data sources, building new dashboards or upgrading systems, many of our customers ask us to provide an ongoing service for them, giving them quick and easy access to any changes they need to make. We provide an agreed number of services days on a monthly basis over a 12-month period, allowing you to easily budget for the continued development of your data needs and invest in a long-term solution for the future.

Future Tech

Prepare for tomorrow, today.

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AI and Machine Learning

As the world develops, so do our data solutions. Our capacity to make predictions and decisions based on your data is growing, and the introduction of automated, iterative algorithms and statistical models into our data vocabulary is poised to propel business intelligence models into the future. This cutting-edge technology trains our systems to independently ask four key questions —

  • What happened?
  • Why did it happen?
  • Will it happen again?
  • What will happen next?

As always, our approach is collaborative. We work closely with you to identify what it is you want to achieve with your AI projects, and help you fine tune your outcomes over time for better results. Whether it’s customer behaviour prediction, product and price promotion, demand forecasting, labour scheduling or fraud detection, we can help. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are huge assets to your business, and their value will only increase with time. Soon, they will be an essential part of any proactive data journey that supports an agile and forward-thinking business. We’re here to help you set yourself up for the future.