Transforming static reporting systems into dynamic sales analysis

Big Table Group wanted a modern data solution. We introduced them to a new way of analysing their data, to shift their focus from reporting to analytics and allowing them to access all the information they needed in an up-to-date, user friendly interface.

Hospitality & Leisure


Hospitality & Leisure


Daily and Weekly Sales Reporting


Data Analytics For Operations

Tools Used

Qlik Sense


Zonal Epos

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Tahola really understand Zonal data and the ZBS database. They provided us with the advice that we needed to get our data out of ZBS and they knew how to make that happen. Although ZBS isn’t the full Aztec database, it still gave us the granularity we needed for all of our sales reporting. We were able to get useful insights from our Zonal data and Tahola were able to quickly integrate it with our other data sources into Qlik. And, because Tahola understand the Zonal data and the ZBS database, their ongoing post implementation support has been exemplary.


Static reporting can be time consuming. Big Table Group were looking to modernise how they analyse their data as part of their Digital Transformation programme, making it easier for everyone to access the information they need. They wanted to give managers an intuitive platform to review their part of the business, providing their teams with the tools to work together more efficiently.


With an established Tahola data warehouse already in place at Big Table Group, our focus was now on creating a new analytics platform to refine their user experience. We used Qlik sense to build a sales analysis application available across all locations and devices, providing a digestible overview of the business, breaking down data by brand, region and area and comparing pre Covid sales to current performance.


  • Offers insight into what drives sales and how they’re performing
  • It provides the granularity of data such that it suits the executive team, restaurant operations managers and everyone in between
  • Makes information available quickly and keeps costs low