Complete visibility of new orders and staff performance

Having grown to 42 car dealerships Johnsons have inherited multiple systems which meant a complete view of site and staff performance was hard to achieve without lots of manual intervention and input. To address this, Johnsons needed a solution to present their orderbook results across the business every day.





Understanding the Orderbook


Data Analytics For Operations

Tools Used



Drive, Dealerweb, Close It, Goldmine

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Visibility of staff and dealership performance, and sales pipelines across the various markets was difficult due to the number of systems involved, and often involved manual data entry. To better understand their sales, Johnsons Cars turned to Tahola to build a single view of the truth delivering automated daily reporting across the entire estate and management team.


Using QlikView, we created an Order Book Analysis solution combining data from the various systems. This allows any brand, dealership or salesperson to be compared across the group. It provides a trusted view of the sales funnel across the group and various channels including, new or used car orders, GAP insurance, warranty sales and more. Data sources are updated daily without any manual intervention and a report is distributed to Sales and Management teams by email each morning.


  • Provided daily reports on all key metrics, including order date, vehicles delivery date, cancellation, GAP insurance, warranty sales, delivery trends, cancellation trends salesperson performance and projected sales forecast and more
  • Moved from a time consuming, infrequent exercise to an automated daily process
  • Greater control of vehicle stocks and a trusted view of the sales pipeline
  • Easier analysis of brand and dealership performance