Modernising data analytics for faster insights & data-driven decisions

During the midst of the pandemic, Peach Pubs took the opportunity to evaluate their analytics capability. They wanted to ensure that they would exit Covid with a modern solution that would drive faster insights and ensure they remain competitive in the new post-Covid world. With an existing investment in QlikView, they chose to adopt Qlik Sense using Qlik’s Analytics Modernisation Programme (AMP), which would give them the more advanced functionality they were seeking.

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Migrating from QlikView to Qlik Sense


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Switching from QlikView to Qlik Sense has been really simple and made interrogating our data much easier. The user interface is more attractive and modern, and interaction with our dashboards is faster. The interactive charts save a lot of time when doing analysis compared to our old QlikView solutions. Tahola provided great support during the transition helping us with best practice and ensuring we provide solutions to ensure our users maximise the value from our data.


Peach Pubs wanted to advance their BI capabilities and sharpen their competitive edge. They needed a modern data platform that would enable them to interact with their data more easily and answer questions faster. After seeing the new functionality and self-service capabilities in Qlik Sense, it was agreed that Qlik Sense was a perfect fit for their needs and continued data-driven aspirations.


Tahola and the Peach team worked closely together, migrating existing QlikView applications into Qlik Sense and migrating NPrinting reports to work with the new solution. During the migration, the data modelling was reviewed and updated to ensure the finished applications were fit for purpose. Applications were developed to be modern in look and feel and easy for users to use ensuring a high adoption rate amongst the user community. Our consultants provided both consultancy and training to the Peach team as a way to pass on best practice and ensure Peach took advantage of the new functionality available to them.


  • Simple transition from QlikView to Qlik Sense maintaining their NPrinting investment
  • The improved functionality of Qlik Sense saves the Peach team a day a week
  • Passed on best practice to enable the Peach team to become self sufficient
  • Users can interrogate the data themselves rather than putting in requests for the data
  • Delivered an easier and more user-friendly environment for staff