Understanding customers better, at home and abroad

With 11 sites in the UK and 9 in Europe, and with many disparate data sources, Beds and Bars needed a holistic view of performance. Having tried other solution providers they thought it couldn’t be done. That’s where we came in.

Hospitality & Leisure


Hospitality & Leisure


Group wide operational analysis


Data Analytics For Operations

Tools Used

Qlik Sense


CMS Hospitality, Zonal Epos, Design My Night, S4Labour

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We have been working with Tahola for 2.5 years now, and although the project was initially very complex, the outcome is what was promised. Thanks to Tahola, we can now see all of our data in one place, and with one click we get lots of analysis that was not possible before.  Switching currencies is simply one button. Tahola has delivered all of the objectives initially set, has been very supportive throughout the project even when completed, and I can say that we have established a great relationship.


As a pan-European business, Beds and Bars, needed to integrate their accommodation, Epos, labour management and booking systems to better analyse their business and understand their customers. They also needed to consolidate data streams across two different currencies, so they could access the data they needed quickly and without any fuss.


Qlik Sense was used to merge data from CMS Hospitality, Design My Night, S4Labour and Zonal Epos to create a single source of truth. The system updates overnight, distributing reports automatically each morning to senior managers. Now, Beds and Bars have easy access to an up-to-date view of their entire business every day in their preferred currency.


  • Data consolidated from all key systems
  • Daily distribution of key reports and KPIs without any user intervention
  • Many hours per week saved building reports, creating more opportunity to analyse data
  • Better understanding of customers at home and abroad to support marketing initiatives