Creating a competitive advantage in manufacturing

Manufacturing is a highly competitive industry with tight margins, and our customer knew that data was key to winning new customers. They had built an application in Qlik Sense to share data but needed a beautiful interface to communicate it with their customers. Additionally, they wanted to keep the underlying technology hidden from their competitors. With only 1 week to find a solution, they thought it couldn’t be done. That’s where Tahola & NewHub came in.





Creating an interface with NewHub


Data Analytics For Operations

Tools Used

NewHub and Qlik Sense


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Using NewHub we created a white-labelled interface for our Qlik Sense application to make the data easy for our customers to consume. NewHub has allowed us to do something quite advanced and time consuming, really simply and quickly. It’s easy for us to maintain, we don’t need to have advanced skills in design or web development, all the hard work is done for us, and the result looks great. This solution has had a significant impact on our business, helping us to win new customers, develop existing customer relationships, and the feedback from customers has been fantastic.


One of our manufacturing customers knew that by providing data to their customers would be a significant selling point for their business. All the data existed in various Qlik Sense applications but they needed an intuitive and visual solution to present it to customers. It was important that this solution would be easy for non-tech savvy customers to navigate, and that the underlying technology, Qlik Sense, would be a protected solution from competitors.


Using NewHub, Tahola created a visually appealing mashup of the manufacturers key Qlik Sense applications. This white-labelled interface, branded by our customer, was easy for customers to navigate and understand. Without the need for web developers or designers, the manufacturing business were able to go to market with their new solution in 1 week.


  • Built stronger business propositions when approaching potential customers.
  • No need to hire designers or web developers to manage the NewHub solution since mashups are easy to create and scale across the business.
  • Protected the underlying technology from competitors by using the NewHub interface, securing their USP.