Helping a loss prevention team uncover suspicious activity

Processing millions of transactions a day can make it difficult to spot when something’s not quite right. We helped Burger King tighten their auditing capabilities and keep a closer eye on their finances.

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Tools Used

Qlik Sense


NCR Aloha epos

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Whilst the POS system is able to provide the raw transactional data we have really felt the benefit of using Qlik by being able to create easy to interpret visualisations. This helps us quickly identify the outliers and respond whilst any issues are still present.


Burger King wanted to be able to quickly identify financial discrepancies at a transactional level. They needed a solution that would allow them to look closely at data such as cash and card sale percentages and average refund amounts, so their team could quickly and easily hone in on any areas where things didn’t look right.


Using transaction data taken from the NCR Aloha epos system and stored in a Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse, we built Burger King an auditing application in Qlik Sense. Their loss prevention team were able to identify suspicious activity by looking for outliers in the data. With built in capabilities to filter by store, employee and time period, they were able to gain deeper insights into staff behaviour.


  • Increased monitoring capabilities of staff performance and behaviour
  • Identified areas where additional training was needed
  • Provided evidence for more serious action where necessary