Creating an interface for a Portfolio Rebalance System

Working together to create the best solution for institutional portfolio construction and rebalance. Having developed a technology solution in-house, Smart Portfolio Solutions (SPS) needed a next generation user-friendly interface. A collaborative approach allowed us to help develop a ground-breaking UI for their back end system.





Portfolio Management Interface


Data Analytics For The IT Department

Tools Used

Qlik Sense


Optimisation & Rebalance Technology

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Our approach to portfolio rebalancing is the step beyond Markowitz optimisation, taking into account the significant uncertainties in expected return forecast. The results of this are that the efficient frontier (a line in 2D space) becomes a surface in 3D space. This increase of just one dimension makes all existing approaches to portfolio selection incapable of expressing the true choices a portfolio manager faces. We needed to find a technology that was fast to develop, highly interactive and graphical in nature, cheap and easy to change as clients make new demands on this new way of thinking. Only a dashboard approach was going to provide this, and of all the offerings we looked at Qlik SaaS was the only one to offer the speed of development, inbuild multi-dimensional data slicing, user centred investigation and free form selection.

Tahola provided an invaluable accelerated runway for the growth of our in-house expertise in Qlik, responding to questions and requests for more detailed assistance quickly, allowing our Qlik development to proceed without interruption. I continue to be impressed with their ability to adapt to where we are on the learning curve. We feel we have still not reached the full potential that Qlik and Tahola can provide, and yet we already have an interface that meets our needs and exceeds the expectations of our clients.


SPS’s own technology solution allows them to assess the efficiency of a fund manager’s portfolio and suggest improvements to maximise the expression of the manager skill at every rebalance. They wanted to continue to develop their back end solution, and needed an intuitive interface, so managers could see information displayed in clear visuals and interact easily with the data.


Introducing Qlik Sense Software as a Service (SaaS), the SPS and Tahola teams worked closely together to create an environment where portfolio managers could easily analyse their portfolios. Now, they can independently adjust their exposure to their stock selection metrics, understand the differences between their portfolios and compare them against a range of alternate future portfolios.


  • Provided a training programme to allow SPS to quickly become self-sufficient with Qlik Sense
  • Worked collaboratively to ensure best practice as SPS built their own solution
  • Allowed customers to easily and quickly access SPS recommendations and efficiently analyse their portfolios
  • Developed an ongoing working relationship between Tahola and SPS