Data Analytics For Retail

A one-stop shop for data solutions.

Our work with retailers draws on years of experience. The long-lasting relationships we’ve forged with large retail customers are reflected in our knowledge of the industry and its challenges. You need to be able to quickly analyse your data and manage your supply accordingly to respond to shifting trends and bring your customers what they want. Luckily, our solutions can help you do just that.

With strong relationships with other software vendors in the sector and a solid knowledge and understanding of a variety of retail systems, our agnostic approach to solutions offerings can help you harness your data to develop and strengthen all areas of your business.


Working with international store data, combining currencies, working with omnichannel retailers — you name it, we can help you do it. Our bespoke solutions work for you, giving you the tools you need to keep your shop in order.

Integrations with

Microsoft Dynamics AX

We provide solutions for

  • Sales and stock analysis
  • Identifying new stores
  • Sales forecasting
  • Loss prevention and staff analysis
  • Customer, marketing and CRM analysis
  • Labour performance
  • WSSI
  • Customer loyalty
  • Suppliers and supply chain

Who we’ve worked with

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Benefits for Retail & eCommerce

  • Enables you to spot trends in customer behaviour in store and online, anticipating demand
  • Product trend analysis and inventory management helps you manage turnover and stock cover
  • Optimising store performance allows you to compare and assess sites by key metrics
  • Improved alignment of warehousing and distribution
  • Builds more effective marketing campaigns, using segmented data for targeted promotion
  • Brings you a single customer view based on all customer interactions
  • Identifies upsell opportunities using basket analysis
  • Stores space and location analysis from planograms
  • Compares sales analysis for ecommerce and stores
  • Speeds up processes
  • Organises staff more efficiently