Data Analytics For Fintech

Exploiting opportunity with Big Data

A new industry, and growing fast, in Fintech you need to stay one step ahead of the game. Learning how to build trust and gain new users, earning credibility, collaborating with financial institutions, creating personalised customer experiences — a unique set of challenges demand a forensic and responsive approach to data analytics.

As 2021 brings new regulations and restrictions to the sector, it’s more important than ever that new loans are negotiated with the highest levels of accuracy and attention to detail. With data management, infrastructure and reporting processes subject to strict guidelines from the European Banking Association, it’s time to move away from relying on manual processes.

Fintech is well known for being a sector with one foot firmly in the future. A trailblazer when it comes to Machine Learning and Augmented Intelligence, varying factors concerning data quality, access to data and legacy systems still stand in the way of full-scale AI and digitization that can take your businesses to the next level of competitive resilience.

Data for Fintech

When you can expertly exploit your data, your buy-in from management and investors improves and you make smarter decisions, driving exponential growth. By investing in Big Data now, you lay the foundations for the growth of your business ensuring that, as the world advances, so do you. It all starts with the data — and that’s where we can help.

We provide solutions for

  • Sales forecasting and analysis
  • Loss prevention and staff analysis
  • Customer, marketing and CRM analysis
  • Collation of data from many sources to create a single reporting source
  • Trend analysis
  • Risk management
  • Governance and regulation

Who we’ve worked with

Omnio global

Benefits for FinTech

  • Allows you to create detailed user-profiles and accurate customer segmentation strategies
  • Helps you improve relationships, LTV and upsell potential with CRM single customer view
  • Lets you spot unusual transactions and detect fraud
  • Alerts customers of security threats
  • Improves marketing campaigns, using segmented data for targeted promotions
  • Creates a single customer view of a customer's banking activity, identify potential errors and provide seamless support
  • Monitors market trends and customer behaviour to improve product development
  • Improves risk assessments, allowing you to operate with more financial certainty, manage cash flow and offer customers competitive rates
  • Shows everyone the same number – a single source of truth
  • Gives you real time access to your business-critical information
  • Helps you onboard your clients faster
  • Creates a common view of your customers to increase the ROI of your MarTech stack
  • Lets you identify & engage your best prospects