We've partnered with Qlik, offering their full product portfolio. Our accredited Qlik SaaS consultants excel in data modelling, dashboard design, architecture, cloud strategy, and product migration. As recognised by Gartner, Qlik is a global leader in data analysis and visualisation.


Qlik Sense empowers users to easily create interactive and customisable dashboards, reports, and visualisations from various data sources.

  • Visualisation & Dashboards: Qlik SaaS offers the best dashboards on the market, with full interactivity, exploration, and search
  • Augmented Analytics & AutoML: Leverage AI to empower every step of your analytics journey with Qlik SaaS
  • Embedded Analytics: Extend beyond traditional dashboards and integrate analytics directly into decision-making processes
  • Alerting & Action: Qlik SaaS is designed to prompt action in response to evolving data which facilitates timely responses
Qlik dashboard


A complete solution equipped with a full range of tools enabling DataOps for analytics.

  • Data Movement & Streaming: Speed up data replication, ingestion, and streaming across diverse databases, SAP, and SaaS applications
  • Data Warehouse Automation: Automate the creation and maintenance of ETL code while adhering to best practices. Significantly cuts down on time, cost, and risk
  • Data Transformation: Utilise a contemporary push-down ELT method to convert, merge, enhance, centralise, and standardise data from varied formats or structures
  • Application Automation: Effortlessly automate and streamline workflows between SaaS applications and Qlik Sense using our cloud-native service


Qlik NPrinting is a reporting tool that automates the creation and distribution of reports from QlikView and Qlik Sense applications. It makes it easy to create polished reports, schedule their delivery, and share them. This saves time, ensures accuracy, and helps stakeholders make informed decisions.

  • Reporting Automation: Automate the generation and distribution of reports, eliminating manual effort and ensuring timely delivery
  • Multi-Channel Distribution: Allows reports to be distributed through various channels such as email, file sharing services, and print, catering to the diverse needs of stakeholders
  • Pixel-Perfect Reporting Enables the creation of pixel-perfect reports with precise formatting and layout control, ensuring professional-looking outputs
  • Scheduled Delivery Supports scheduled delivery of reports based on predefined timelines or triggers, providing users with up-to-date information without manual intervention
  • Centralised Management: Provides a centralised platform for managing report generation, distribution settings, and user access, enhancing governance and control over reporting processes
Qlik nprinting


Allows users to consolidate data from multiple sources, transform it into interactive visualisations and generate insights to support decision making processes.

  • Data Integration: Connects to various data sources to consolidate disparate data into a single platform
  • Data Modelling: Employs an in-memory data modelling engine for creating associations between different data sets, facilitating flexible analysis
  • Interactive Visualisation: Provides a user-friendly interface for building interactive dashboards, charts, and reports, enabling dynamic exploration of data
  • Business Discovery: Supports self-service data exploration, allowing users to ask ad-hoc questions, create custom visualisations, and share insights
  • Collaboration and Sharing: Facilitates collaboration by enabling users to share QlikView apps, bookmarks, and insights, with mobile and web-based access for remote usage

Tahola has a strong heritage in QlikView development and can help you with any QlikView requirements you may have.

Qlik SaaS and Qlik View