Streamlined data analysis? Easy as pie

Pieminister were juggling their labour, sales and food costs alongside a new delivery service. With spreadsheets growing and eating into their time, they needed a solution to help them manage their data.

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TaholaCloud for F&B


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We now have numbers at a click of a button in terms of turnover, margin, labour, sales mix, average spend & many more measures. We have reduced hours spent on building spreadsheets by 50% and we are discovering trends that we never knew existed.


With a lot of data, Pieminister wanted to find a more efficient way of managing it in one place. Adding a delivery service had introduced a new stream of data to their business — they needed to work out how much money they were making from it. By investing in the right solution, they hoped to revolutionise their data analysis and help the company grow.


Implementing TaholaCloud across 15 sites in the UK, Pieminister supplied all their head office staff and general managers with relevant, digestible insights. Head office staff now had easy access to a birds eye view of the business as a whole, while general managers had a firmer grasp on the performance of their business, allowing them to make smarter decisions backed up by the data.


  • Enabled all restaurant numbers and performance data to be viewed in one place at the click of a button
  • Eradicated excessive spreadsheets, significantly reducing time spent collating reports
  • Increased finance team’s capacity to analyse data