Helping a wholesaler through COVID-19

It’s been a challenging year for us all. Tahola is helping businesses like Pilgrim Foodservice utilise their data and self-service BI capabilities to make better decisions and plan for the future.





Surviving COVID-19


Data Analytics For Operations

Tools Used



BCP Accord

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This data was the difference between being blind to now having some idea of what we needed to do. It showed us that there were opportunities we could take advantage of that would enable us to see our way through this pandemic. It was the candle that we needed to follow.


When COVID-19 hit in early 2020, there was an immediate impact on Pilgrim Foodservice as they supply to many businesses in the hospitality and education sector. With their orders having dropped instantly by 40% and continuing to decrease, they urgently needed to rebuild their supply chain and ensure that people at home had quick and easy access to the essential items under increasing demand.


Pilgrim Foodservice built a new analytic application that identified an opportunity to supply essentials to the people who needed them. They decided to set up on and off-site pop-up shops, from which they sold directly to the public and smaller retail chains. This new revenue stream allowed them to reduce their stock levels, manage their perishable products and meet the demands of the public.


  • Helped predict customer demand in uncertain times
  • Focused stock management, bolstering cash flow and improving customer service
  • Opened up a new business-to-consumer revenue stream
  • Introduced user-friendly, interactive dashboards enabling the business to access relevant information fast and quickly.